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Debt Robs Our Children Of Their Future

A while back, I had read stories of the real estate housing bubble in Japan that crashed in the mid-1990s. Prices were so high that, for a brief while some families were signing up for two- or three-generation mortgages. These … Continue reading

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The Insane Debt Ceiling Debate

Stupid Decisions Suppose you had a friend who took a major voluntary 10% pay cut several years ago, AND also at the same time decided to start living it up, putting major purchases (everything from expensive wild game hunting vacations … Continue reading

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Six Ways Employers Abuse Workers In This Economy

Here are some ways that employers abuse the current economic situation when it comes to hiring or treating employees: 1. Interviewed Without Intent To Hire Some companies with frozen headcounts may advertise open positions so they can always have freshly … Continue reading

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Five Reasons The Job Situation is Getting Worse

I believe there are at least five very structural reasons with America’s job market that will not be fixed anytime soon. If ever. The structural problems are: technology, outsourcing, credit busts, “insourcing”, and labor oversupply/mismatch. 1. Technology There is nothing … Continue reading

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A National Shame: Nearly One Third Of High School Students Drop Out

Studies show that anywhere from a quarter to a third of American high school students will drop out before receiving their diploma. While numbers have improved somewhat in the last several years, the drop-out rate is still unacceptably low. According … Continue reading

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